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57 五福熱拼 (二人用) Hot Platter (for 2)   £14.80
  香芒海鮮卷,干貝鬆,蝦多士,齐巻,黄金鴨絲卷 2x seafood rolls with mango sauce, sesame prawn toasts, vegetarian spring rolls, shredded duck yam rolls and crispy seaweed with pork floss    
58 新鮮帶子 Steamed Fresh Scallop (in Shell) Each £6.90
  (a) 蒜蓉 (a) with garlic    
  (b) 豉汁 (b) with black bean sauce    
  (c)金蒜銀絲蒸帶子 (c) with crushed garlic & vermicelli    
59 酥炸鮮虾餃 Deep Fried Ha-Gau (4)   £3.50
60 椒盬鷄中翼 Chicken Wing with Salt & Pepper   £4.00
61 蜜椒鷄中翼 Honey Glazed Chicken Wing with Chilli, Salt & Pepper   £4.00
64 椒鹽迷你八爪魚 Deep Fried Baby Octopus with Salt & Pepper   £4.80
65 流砂迷你八爪魚 Deep Fried Baby Octopus in Basil & Lemon Grass   £4.80
    with garlic, egg yolk, butter, chilli, lemon grass & spice    
66 椒鹽露筍  Deep Fried Asparagus with Salt & Pepper (V)   £5.50
67 酥炸四寶 Deep Fried Four Treasure (V)   £5.80
  露筍.芋頭.蓮藕.茄子 asparagus, taro, lotus root & aubergine    
68 椒盬蓮藕片 Deep Fried Lotus Root with Salt & Pepper (v)   £4.90
69 椒鹽茄子 Deep Fried Aubergine with Salt & Pepper (v)   £4.90
70 椒盬豆腐  Deep Fried To-fu’ with Salt & Pepper (V)   £4.90
71 脆皮豆腐 Crispy Tofu (V)   £4.90
72 沙爹雞串  Satay Chicken on Skewer (4)   £6.90
    grilled marinated chicken on skewer with malaysian satay sauce    
73 乾貝鬆 Crispy Seaweed   £4.50
    served with or without ground fried fish    
74 芝麻蝦多士 Sesame Prawn Toast    £5.80
75 椒鹽軟殼蟹 Soft Shell Crab with Salt & Pepper   £9.90
76 流砂軟殼蟹 Soft Shell Crab in Basil & Lemon Grass   £9.90
    with garlic, egg yolk, butter, chilli, lemon grass & spice    
77 椒鹽排骨 Deep Fried Spare Rib with Salt & Pepper   £7.80
78 京都排骨 Capital Spare Rib with Fruity Mandarin Sauce   £7.80
80 雞粒生菜包  Minced Chicken Lettuce Wrap (4 servings)   £7.80
     with chicken & mixed vegetable    
81 脆炸鱸魚柳  Crispy Sea Bass Fillet    £9.80
82 流砂鱸魚柳 Crispy Sea Bass Fillet in Basil & Lemon Grass   £9.80
    with garlic, egg yolk, butter, chilli, lemon grass & spice    
83 煎封鱸魚柳 Wok-Grilled Sea Bass Fillet with Double Deluxe Soy Sauce   £9.80






84 老火燉湯 (每位) Chef's recommended Chicken & Herbal Soup (per person)   £5.90
  虫草花.杞子.紅早.元肉燉鳮 slow cook minimum 4 hours with a combination of traditional herbs, dried red dates, dried longan, dried goji berry & dried cordyceps flowers in chicken soup    
85 咸菜鱸魚頭豆腐湯 Home-made Soup with Preserved Vegetable   £6.50
    (sour mustard green) & Fish's (Sea-bass) Head    
87 四川酸辣湯 Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup   £4.30
    with shredded chicken, shrimp & chinese fungus    
86 齋酸辣湯 Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup (V)   £4.30
87 羅漢豆腐湯 Vegetable & To-Fu Soup (V)   £4.30
88 雲吞湯 Won Ton Soup   £4.30
    with prawn & chicken dumpling    
86 雞蓉粟米羹 Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup   £4.30
87 蟹肉粟米羹 Crab Meat & Sweet Corn Soup   £5.50
88 香辣海鮮湯 Spicy Seafood Soup with Lemongrass   £6.20
90 鴨絲羹 Shredded Duck Broth   £6.50
    with shredded duck, chinese mushroom, bamboo shoot & chive    






91 (a) 薑蔥 (a) Ginger & Spring Onion (1lb) Seasonal
  (b) 豉椒 (b) Black Bean Sauce   Price 
  (c) 避風塘炒 (c) Wok-Fried with Black Bean, Chilli & Plenty of Garlic     
  (d) 椒鹽炒 (d) Salt & Pepper    
  (e) 蒜蓉蒸 (e) Steamed with crushed Garlic     
  (f) 生麵 / 伊麺每個加 (f) per noodle base   £2.00






92 (a) 古法荷香蒸 Sea Bass Steamed on Lotus Leaf    £22.00
    topped with shredded chinese mushroom & black fungus    
  (b) 薑蔥清蒸 Steamed with Ginger & Spring Onion    
  (c) 豉汁蒸 Steamed with Black Bean Sauce    
  (d) 鼓油皇煎封 Wok-grilled with Double Deluxe Soy Sauce    
  (e) 豆板醬煎封 Wok-grilled with Hot Bean Sauce.    






93 海塘白玉   'Hoi-Tom' Supreme   £12.80
  蝦. 帶子. 鮮鱿. 石班魚蒸疍白.娟豆腐  steamed egg-white & silken tofu with scallop, prawn, squid, grouper     
94 雀巢海鮮 Assorted Seafood   £13.80
  石班片.蝦球.帶子.鮮魷.迷你八爪魚. squid, king prawn, scallop, baby octopus & grouper with lemon grass, basil in a crispy basket    
95 雀巢豆板醬海鮮 Assorted Seafood with Hot Bean Sauce   £13.80
  石班片.蝦球.帶子.鮮魷.迷你八爪魚 squid, king prawn, scallop, baby octopus & grouper with lemon grass, basil in hot bean sauce    
96 蟹肉西蘭花扒帶子 Braised Scallop with Crab Meat & Broccoli   £11.50
98 墨魚餅小炒 Stir Fry Cuttlefish Cake with Vegetable (contain peanuts)   £11.50
99 流砂蝦球 King Prawn in Basil & Lemon Grass   £11.50
    with Egg Yolk, Chilli, Butter, Lemon grass & Spices    
100 蔥爆蝦球 King Prawn with Spring Onion & Onion   £11.50
101 宮保蝦球 King Prawn in Kung Po Sauce (contain peanuts)   £11.50
    in chinkiang vinegar & deluxe soy sauce    
102 咕嚕蝦球 Sweet & Sour King Prawn   £11.50
103 雀巢四川蝦球 Szechuan King Prawn in Noodle-basket with Sichuan Spicy Sauce   £11.50
104 XO醬蝦球 King Prawn in Xo Sauce   £11.50
     chilli pepper, Jinhua ham, dried shrimp & garlic    
105 椒盬蝦球 King Prawn with Salt & Pepper   £11.50
106 豉椒蝦球 King Prawn in Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper   £11.50
107 蜜椒蝦球 Honey Glazed King Prawn with Green Pepper & chilli    £11.50
108 露筍鮮魷 Squid with Asparagus   £11.50
109 豉椒鮮魷 Squid in Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper   £11.50
110 薑蔥鮮魷 Squid with Ginger & Spring Onion   £11.50
111 椒盬鮮魷 Deep Fried Squid with Salt & Pepper   £11.50
112 沙茶鮮魷 Squid with Shacha Sauce   £11.50
    soybean oil, garlic, shallot, chilli, brill fish, and dried shrimp. It has a savory and slightly spicy taste.    
113 流砂鮮魷 Squid in Basil & Lemon Grass   £11.50
    with Egg York, Chilli, Butter, Lemon grass & Spices    






114 香酥鴨  with Pancake & Trimming    
  四分一 Quarter   £12.50
  半隻 Half   £20.80
  全隻 Whole   £36.80
    Extra Pancakes   £2.00 






115 明爐燒鴨 Roast Duck    
  半隻 Half   £13.50
  全隻 Whole   £25.00
117 蜜汁叉燒 Barbecue Pork   £11.00
118 燒肉 Crispy Roast Pork   £11.00
119 焼味雙拼 Twin Platter   £16.00



Roast Dish with Rice



  可改 炒面/河粉/米粉或湯底 can be changed to noodle, ho-fun, vermicelli or in soup    
122 燒鴨飯 Roast Duck   £9.00
124 叉燒飯 Barbecue Pork   £9.00
125 燒肉飯 Crispy Roast Pork   £9.50
126 雙拼飯 Twin Platter   £10.80
    choices of crispy roast pork, bbq pork & roast duck              






131 錦绣牛肉 Beef with Cashew Nut (contain nuts)   £10.50
    with cashew nut, spring onion, mange tout, chinese mushroom & asparagus     
132 宮保牛肉 Kung Po Beef (contain peanuts)   £10.50
    in chinkiang vinegar & deluxe soy sauce    
133 豆板醬牛肉 Beef in Hot Bean Sauce   £10.50
134 豉椒牛肉 Beef in Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper   £10.50
135 XO醬牛肉 Beef with XO Sauce   £10.50
    chilli pepper, jinhua ham, dried shrimp & garlic    
136 乾牛絲 Deep Fried Shredded Beef with Chilli   £10.50
137 川椒牛肉 Beef with Peppercorn & Shanghai Herbs   £10.50






138 蔥爆羊肉 Lamb Fillet with Spring Onion & Onion   £9.50
139 XO醬羊肉  Lamb Fillet with XO Sauce   £9.50
    chilli pepper, jinhua ham, dried shrimp & garlic    
140 川椒羊肉 Lamb Fillet with Peppercorn & Shanghai Herbs   £9.50
141 宮保羊肉 Lamb Fillet in Kung Po Sauce (contain peanuts)   £9.50
    in chinkiang vinegar & deluxe soy sauce    






142 咕嚕肉 Sweet & Sour Pork   £9.50
143 梅菜扣肉煲  Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable (mui chai) Served in Hot Pot   £9.50
144 糖醋排骨 Spare Rib with Sweet & Sour Sauce    £9.50
145 魚香肉片 Shanghai Sea-Spiced Pork Slices   £9.50
146 XO醬炒肉片 Pork Slices in Xo Sauce   £9.50
    chilli pepper, jinhua ham, dried shrimp & garlic    
147 川椒肉片 Pork Slices with Shanghai Herbs & Peppercorn   £9.50
148 鹹魚蒸肉餅 Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish    £9.50
149 回鍋肉 Double-cooked Pork    £9.50
    spicy sichuan cuisine - simmered pork belly in boiling water with spring onion, ginger, spice & onion; cooled under freezing water and cut into slices finished by wok-fry    
150 竹筍火腩鴨煲  Braised Duck with Crispy Roast Pork & Bamboo Shoot Served in Hot Pot   £9.50



151 檸檬雞 Lemon Chicken   £8.90
    crispy chicken fillet in lemon sauce     
152 咕嚕雞 Sweet & Sour Chicken   £8.90
153 香芋滑鷄煲 Braised Chicken with Taro & Coconut Cream Served in Hot Pot   £8.90
154 鹹魚茄子滑鷄煲  Braised Chicken with Salted Fish & Aubergine Served in Hot Pot   £8.90
155 醬泡腰果雞 Chicken with Cashew Nut in Yellow Bean Sauce (contain nuts)   £8.90
156 雀巢四川雞 Szechuan Spicy Chicken   £9.90
    with szechuan chilli sauce    
157 豉椒雞 Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper   £8.90
158 腰果干燒辣子鷄 Dry spicy Chicken with Cashew Nuts (contain peanuts)    £8.90






159 豉汁煎釀孖寶 Wok-Grill Stuffed To-Fu & Aubergine    £9.80
  煎釀豆腐拼煎釀茄子  stuffed with prawn paste in black bean sauce    
160 琵琶豆腐  Braised Pi-Pa To-Fu   £9.80
    braise mashed tofu with prawn paste, crab meat, egg white, chinese mushroom & carrot     
161 红焼豆腐 Braised To-Fu with BBQ Pork in Oyster Sauce   £8.50
162 麻婆豆腐煲 Ma Po Tofu    £8.50
    braised silken to-fu, minced chicken with chilli & hot bean sauce served in hot pot    






163 醬爆腰果豆腐 Sauteed To-Fu with Cashew Nut in Yellow Bean Sauce (contain nuts)   £7.90
164 齋红燒豆腐 Braised To-Fu and Chinese Mushroom in Oyster Sauce    £7.90
165 齋麻婆豆腐 Vegetarian 'Ma Po To-Fu'    £7.90
    silken tofu & vegetable in hot bean sauce    
166 羅漢上素煲 Buddhist Monks' Mixed Vegetable Hot Pot    £7.90
    mixture of vegetable, fungus & assorted mushrooms    
167 乾煸四季豆 Dried Fried French Beans    £7.90
     finished with a dash of double deluxe soy sauce & crushed garlic     
168 魚香茄子煲 Sea-Spiced Aubergine    £8.50
    served in hot pot    
169 豉椒茄子豆腐 To-Fu & Aubergine in Black Bean sauce with Green Pepper   £8.50



  即日時菜 Choice of Seasonal Chinese Vegetable   £9.80
    (freshly air freighted from China) with garlic or oyster sauce    
170 白菜苗 Baby Pak Choi    
171 芥蘭 Gai Lan    
172 菜心 Choi Sum    
173 通菜 Morning Glory    
174 墨魚餅炒芥蘭 Gai Lan with Cuttlefish Cake   £11.80
175 咸魚炒芥蘭 Gai Lan with Salted Fish   £11.80
176 肉鬆干煸四季豆 Dried Fried Mince Pork with French Beans   £9.80
     finished with a dash of double deluxe soy sauce & crushed garlic     
177 椒絲腐乳炒通菜 Morning Glory    £9.80
     with chopped chilli & preserved beancurd paste    
178 馬拉盞炒白菜苗 Baby Pak Choi with Spicy Dried Shrimp Paste   £9.80
179 馬拉盞炒通菜 Morning Glory with Spicy Dried Shrimp Paste   £9.80
180 蒜蓉炒雜菜 Mixed Vegetable with Garlic   £7.80






181 福建炒飯 ‘Fu Jian’ Fried Rice   £13.80
    egg fired rice topped with diced bbq pork, scallop, prawn, squid, crab meat, chinese mushroom & asparagus in supreme oyster sauce     
182 粟米蓉班塊飯 Rice with Sweet Corn & Deep Fried Grouper    £8.80
    crispy grouper topped with cream style sweet corn    
183 海鮮荷葉飯  Seafood Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf   £12.80
184 咸魚鷄粒炒飯 Shredded Chicken Fried Rice with Salted Fish    £9.50
185 楊洲炒飯 Special Fried Rice   £8.80
    bbq pork, shredded chicken, shrimp, green peas & egg    
186 羅漢上素炒飯 Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice    £8.80
    mixed vegetable, chinese Mushroom, & preserved vegetable (salted radish)    
187 生炒牛鬆飯 Mince Beef Fried Rice with Peas   £8.80
188 馬拉盞肉鬆炒飯 Minced Pork Fried Rice with Spicy Dried Shrimp Paste   £8.80
189 蛋炒飯 Egg Fried Rice with Spring Onion & Peas   £3.80
190 絲苗白飯 Steamed Rice    £3.50






191 海鮮烘麵  Seafood Supreme Crispy Noodle   £11.80
    with king prawn, scallop, grouper, squid    
192 蝦球烘麵 King Prawn Crispy Noodle   £11.50
193 羅漢上素烘麵 Mixed Vegetable & Assorted Mushrooms    £8.80
194 雜會烘麵 Mixed Meat Crispy Noodle   £9.80
    with prawn, squid and mixed meat    
195 雞柳烘麵 Crispy Noodle with Chicken   £8.80
196 牛肉烘麵 Crispy Noodle with Beef   £9.50
197 肉絲烘麵 Crispy Noodle with Shredded Pork   £8.80
198 韮菜芽菜烘麵 Crispy Noodle with Chive and Beansprouts   £8.80


上海麵 / 幼麵 / 河粉 / 米粉 




199 蟹肉湯伊麵 E-Noodle with Crab Meat in Soup   £10.80
200 海鮮粗炒 Shanghai Noodle with Assorted Seafood   £11.80
201 羅漢齐粗炒 Shanghai Noodle with Mixed Vegetable & Assorted Mushrooms (v)   £8.80
202 上海肉絲粗炒 Shanghai Noodle with Vegetable, Chinese Mushroom & Shredded Pork   £8.80
203 豉椒虾球炒河 King Prawn Ho Fun in Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper   £11.50
204 滑蛋虾球炒河 King Prawn Ho Fun Topped with Scrambled Egg   £11.50
205 滑蛋海鮮炒河 Seafood Ho Fun Topped with Scrambled Egg   £11.80
206 乾炒牛河 Dry Ho Fun with Beef & Beansprouts in Double Deluxe Soy Sauce   £9.50
207 豉椒牛河 Beef Ho Fun in Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper   £9.50
208 雪菜牛鬆炆米 Braised Vermicelli with Minced Beef & Pickled Cabbage   £8.50
209 雪菜火鴨絲炆米 Braised Vermicelli with Shredded Roast Duck & Pickled Cabbage   £8.50
210 星洲炒米 Singapore Vermicelli   £8.50
    with bbq pork, shrimp, chicken, shredded duck, egg & onion in curry flours    
211 乾燒伊麵 Braised E-Noodle with Chinese Mushroom (v)   £8.50
212 芽菜炒麵 Noodle with Beansprouts & Spring Onion (v)   £6.80
213 薑蔥撈麵 Noodle with Ginger & Spring Onion (v)   £5.80






214 蒸奶黄飽 Steamed Egg Custard Bun (3)   £3.80
215 炸奶黄飽 Crispy Custard Bun (3)   £4.00
216   Deep Fried Waster Chestnut Cake   £4.00

10% optional service charge will be added to the bill.

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