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White Wine

  Per Glass  Bottle
Anfora Bianca, Italy   £3.95  £14.90
Finely fruity with hints of almond and peaches on the nose. Elegant, soft and well-balanced wine with a clean, persistent finish.      
Pinot Grigio, Italy 2014   £18.80
Finely fruity with hints of almonds and peaches on the nose. Elegant, soft and well-balanced with a clean, persistent finish.      

Chardonnay, Zonin Classic, Italy

The bouquet is complex and floral with hints of acacia, flowers and honey. On the palate it is very appealing, dry and fruity.





Sauvignon Blanc, Montes-Casablanca, Chile

Intense aromatics of herbs and cut grass on the nose with grapefruit, lime and white peach on the palate. Drink on its own or pair with light dishes.





Chenin Blanc, Liberty Fairtrade, South Africa

Fruity aromas of fresh apple and pineapple on the nose. The palate is fresh and dry, with crisp orchard fruit offset by ripe, tropical flavours. Clean and dry on the finish.





Red Wine

  Per Glass  Bottle

Anfora Rossa

Dry, fruity, fresh and well-balanced wine.

  £3.95  £14.95

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC, Villa Cerrina, Italy

Dry and fruity on the palate with a fine and harmonious balance.





Nero d'Avola, Borgo Sanleo, Sicily

This wine offers a sensation of complex fruitiness resembling that of cherries preserved in spirit, alternating with pleasant and highly persistent hints of spices.




Chianti DOCG, Zonin, Tuscany 2014   £19.80
Intense aromas of red flowers, berries and subtle notes of plums. The flavour is full with well-integrated, fine textured tannins and beautiful fruit on the finish.      

Merlot, Montes Colchagua Valley, Chile

Fresh red fruits, strawberries and plums with a touch of jam and spice. French oaks lends a balanced aromatic contribution with notes of vanilla, toast, and caramel.





Shiraz, Liberty Fairtrade, Western Cape, South Africa

Attractive perfumes of dark berry and spiced plum fruit. Nicely balanced on the palate with soft, ripe tannins and a lively cherry fruity finish.





Z, Bordeaux, France

This is a fruity, well-balanced wine. A great Claret for everyday drinking.





Sparkling Wine



Prosecco Spumante DOC, Italy

A pleasing and elegant sparking wine with fruity bouquet. It is well-balanced and appealing with the delicate almond note. Silver medal winner at the Vinitaly International Wine Competition.




 Rosamaro Spumante Brut (Sparking Rosé)

A luminescent rosé of subtle pink with a fine and delicate perlage. Pleasantly intense and fruity with hints of pippin apple and light notes of small red berries. Smooth on the palate.




Rosé Wine



Anfora Rosé     £14.90
This wine has a lovely rosé colour. It's fresh, fruity and crisp with a gentle touch of spiciness.      

Rice Wine




Shochikubai Sierra Cold Sake

This sake's name of three characters, plum, pine and bamboo. The three ingredients associated with wealth and happiness. Made with pure melted snow from the Sierra Nevada Valley.





Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsujunmai (Cold/Hot)

From the Nanbu Bijin ('Southern Beauty') in the far north of Iwate Prefecture, this is a sake made with rice polished to Ginjo levels. Brewed with medium-hard water that is purified naturally as it courses through the mountain rocks on its way to sea.





Shirakebegura Mio (Sparkling, Cold)

A breakthrough sparkling sake with a surprisingly low ABV, Mio has a refreshing, fruity and unique sweet aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, water and Koji. Mio appeals to a wide range of tastes - a new sake for a new age.





Hana Fuji Apple Sake (Cold/Hot)

Hana sake is a premium sake with refreshing fruit flavours. It contains no preservatives. This wonderful blend of delicious fruit flavours makes Hana sake a delightful drink for all occasions.





Gekkeikan Sake (Cold/Hot)

Gekkeikan sake is made from natural ingredients. The clean and fresh water is from the American River, originating in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. The superior quality rice is from the Sacramento Valley. The combination of these ingredients and Gekkeikan's almost 400 years of experience results in a high-quality sake.








Chinese Rice Wine



Shaoxing Wine 10 Years

Shaoxing wine is famous for its unique health benefits and this is the the flagship product of the Pagoda brewery which is aged in traditional earthenware pots for a total of 10 years. It is made from pure lake water in the heart of the traditional Shaoxing region.





 Shaoxing Wine 5 Years

Shaoxing wine is famous for its unique health benefits and this premium aged Shaoxing wine from the Pagoda brewery is made from pure lake water in the heart of the traditional Shaoxing region and is aged for 5 years to produce a refined mellow flavour.








Moutard Brut Reserve Champagne NV 12%     £42.00



Per 25ml

Smirnoff Red Label   37.50% £3.00
Gordon’s   37.50% £3.00
Bell’s   40.00% £3.00
Captain Morgan   40.00% £3.00
Bacardi   37.50% £3.00
Tequila   38.00% £3.00
Jack Daniel’s   40.00% £3.00
John Jameson   40.00% £3.00
Glenfiddich   40.00% £3.00
With soft Mixer   Add £1.10



Per 25ml

Remy Martin VSOP   40.00% £4.50



Per 25ml

Archers   23.00% £3.00
Amaretto   28.00% £3.00
Balley’s   17.00% £3.00
Benedictine   40.00% £3.00
Cointreau   40.00% £3.00
Drambuie   40.00% £3.00
Malibu   21.00% £3.00
Sambuca   38.00% £3.00
Southerm Comfort   40.00% £3.00
Tia Maria   26.50% £3.00
with soft mixer Add   add £1.10



Per 25ml

Martini, Extra Dry or Rosso   15.00% £3.00
Cinzano Bianco   15.00% £3.00
Campari   25.00% £3.00
Dubonnet   14.80% £3.00
Pernod   40.00% £3.00
Pimms   25.00% £3.00
with soft mixer   add £1.10




Tsing Tao Beer   330ml £3.50

Soft Drinks & Minerals

Coke, Diet Coke, Tango Orange or 7UP   330ml  £1.40
Soda Water, Tonic Water or Ginger Ale   200ml  £1.50
Sparkling or Still Spring Water   750ml btl £3.50


Orange, Apple, Pineapple   Per glass £1.70

Exotic Juices

Mango, Cranberry, Aloe Vera   Per glass £1.70
Coconut Milk Sago   Per glass £1.90

10% optional service charge will be added to the bill.

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